The common name "flies" encompasses a very diverse group of insects that belong to the order Diptera which means "two wings." They number over 120,000 species worldwide. Only the coldest parts of the earth (the Arctic and Antarctic) are devoid of flies. Some members of this order are well known for their disease carrying capacity such as the mosquito and Tsetse fly, while others are pollen gatherers and mimic bees. Fly larvae (maggots) play an important role in the clean-up of carrion.

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Red-footed Cannibal Fly

Promachus rufipes

Robber Fly

Diogmites neoternatus

Syrphid Fly

Metasyrphus venablesi

Syrphid Fly

Heliophilus fasciatus

Syrphid Fly

Eupodes sp.


Syrphid Fly

Sphaerophoria sp.

Syrphid Fly

Toxomerus marginatus

Transverse Flower Fly
Eristalis transversa

Tachinid Fly

Megacyllene robiniae

Green Bottle Fly
Lucilla sp.