Below are photos I've taken of some of the more spectacular moths that have come to our house lights here in Maryland. These represent but a few of the 300+ moths in my photographic collection. Eventually most of those photos will be presented on this website in another format so it will be easy to retrieve any particular moth photo from the list. Until that time, enjoy the colorful moths below!

Click picture for close up view

Rosy Maple Moth
Dryocampa rubicunda

Agreeable Tiger Moth
Spilosoma congrua

Snowberry/Bumblebee Clearwing Moth
Hemaris diffinis

Hummingbird Clearwing Moth
Hemaris thysbe


Two-spotted Looper
Autographa bimaculata

The Beggar Moth
Eubaphe mendica

Ailanthus Webworm Moth
Atteva punctella

Promethea Moth
Callosamia promethea

Black-dotted Ruddy Moth
Thysanopyga intractata

Brown Scoopwing Moth
Calledpteryx dryopterata

Chickweed Geometer Moth
Haematopis grataria

False Crocus Geometer Moth
Xanthotype urticaria

Curve-toothed Geometer
Eutrapela clemateria

Io Moth
Automeris io

Luna Moth
Actias luna

Royal Walnut Moth
Citheronia regalis


Royal Walnut Moth

Citheronia regalis

Bronze Underwing Moth

Catocala cara

Pink-striped Oakworm
Anisota virginiensis

Tobacco Budworm Moth
Heliothis virescens

Texas Wasp Moth
Horama panthalon texanaa