This section was begun in mid-July 2007 when we moved to Tucson, Arizona from Maryland. Many of the butterflies on these pages were photographed around our house which I've planted with both nectar and host plants. Most of those are in large pots and will eventually be transplanted to a butterfly garden on our land in Cochise County. Even with this modest assortment I've had 36 species visit the yard which is adjacent to Tucson Mountain Park in the Sonoran Desert. I've even raised three species of butterflies -- Giant Swallowtail, Queen and Ceraunus Blue. Watching a butterfly develop from egg to adult is one of the most rewarding aspects of this hobby. As we explore the state, I hope to add many more photos to this website.

The colored areas on the map represent those counties where I have seen or photographed butterflies. Click on the map for county names.

The other two sections include a species list comprised of Arizona butterflies seen or photographed. If you are looking for a particular species, start here. If you want to look at thumbnails photos, go to the "fast browse plates". The photos are organized in taxonomic order. Clicking on the name in the "species list" or on a  thumbnail in the "fast browse plates" will bring up more photos if available. Click on either of the links below:

species list    fast browse plates

The following references were consulted for information on range, flight and food plants:

  • Butterflies of Arizona, A Photographic Guide by Bob Stewart, Priscilla Brodkin & Hank Brodkin

  • Butterflies of North America by Jim P. Brock & Kenn Kaufman

  • Butterflies Through Binoculars, The West by Jeffrey Glassberg

Since I am fairly new to western butterflies it's possible that there are some errors on these pages.  I welcome any corrections, comments or suggestions.

Arlene Ripley -- 10/24/07