In July of 2007, we moved to Tucson, Pima County, Arizona and 14 months later we moved to our new home in the foothills of the western slope of the Dragoon Mountains. The Dragoons are located in Cochise County about 65 miles SE of Tucson. Presently, the moth photos on these pages mostly represent moths around our house in Tucson, adjacent to Tucson Mountain Park, or around our home in the Dragoon foothills.

NOTE: The Arizona moth pages are a work in progress and there are many incomplete plates, sections and links.

Identification of Western moths will present more of a challenge than Eastern Moths, specifically because of the lack of field guides and other resources. The excellent website, Moth Photograhers Group, is still of great value and Bob Patterson, webmaster and moth person extraordinaire, is still providing me with much help and advice. I plan on contacting and utilizing local resources in the near future.

Since I am strictly an amateur at moth identification there is the distinct possibility that some are misidentified. So, coupled with the fact that many moths are at best difficult to ID under any circumstances (e.g. the micromoths), there could be and probably are errors on these pages. I welcome any corrections, comments or suggestions.

Regarding the layout of these pages, I must again thank Bob Patterson who has made the format available to anyone who wants to set up a similar site (see the introductory page of Moth Photographers Group). I have used Bob's basic design, tailoring it to the colors and layout of my primary website thus saving me hours of work. This section will always be a work in progress with new species added when identified.

Arlene Ripley -- 9/1/07